EINHELL Guide Rail Alu 2x1000mm


The Einhell 2 x 1000 mm aluminium guide rail is the ideal addition to the handheld circular saws. It is compatible with the plunge saw and the Einhell Expert handheld circular saws. The aluminium guide rail helps you to make precise and straight cuts and also provides extra safety as well. Even angle cuts are no problem with the guide rail. The slide lining contributes to the smooth running of the machines used. In addition, there is a splinter guard for making clean cuts. To ensure that the two rail sections are perfectly straight there is connection element. There are gripper strips for a non-slip underside. Thanks to the Einhell 2 x 1000 mm aluminium guide rail, clean and professional cuts can be performed while meeting exacting user safety requirements.



  • For precise and straight cuts – including angled cuts
  • Slide lining for smooth running of the machines
  • Splinter guard for clean cuts
  • Connection element ensures that the rails are perfectly straight
  • Gripper strips for a non-slip underside
  • Compatible with plunge saw & Einhell Expert handheld circular saw